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 Returning Student(s) Annual Update Online Completion

Currently Enrolled Students

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Need Help? Have Questions?

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Student Registration - Help/Tips
For any assistance needed in reference to Secondary-Level (7-12) Students, Please contact Leonard Chavez at 505-384-2000, ext. 2303.
For any assistance needed in reference to Elementary-Level (PreK-6) Students, Please contact Aimee Watts at 55-384-2000, ext. 2500.
For any assistance needed in reference to Online Registration and/or Inquires, Please contact the District's Webmasters at CLICK HERE.

Please read all information before proceeding with online registration.  This will ensure you are able to easily complete and submit your application.

Immunization Records
New Mexico Law requires that all children entering day care and/or school to be immunized against measles, mumps, polio, rubella, tetanus, diphtheria, hepatitis B, haemophilus influenza, varicella and meningitis or provide a notzrized waiver for medical or religious exemption.  Immunization exemption must be on the proper New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH) Form below:

Children will not be enrolled unless an immunization record is presented/provided and immunizations are up-to-date, unless your child has a valid exemption or is experiencing homelessness.
The New Mexico Immunization Exemption Statute (24-5-3) allows only two types of exemptions for children seeking exemption from required immunizations to enter school, childcare or pre-school.  The two types of exemptions are medical or religious.
The law does not grant immunization exemptions for philosophical or personal reasons.
If approved, the parent/guardian will receive two copies of the original form with a clear "Approved" box checked, a signature from an officer of the Department, and an expiration date.  The parent/guardian must take the approved form to the child's school - an electronic format of this form will NOT be accepted.  An exemption is required at the beginning of the school year.  If an exemption is not approved or in process, your child will be considered out of compliance.

For more information, please visit: New Mexico DOH - School Immunization Requirements
You may also contact the District Nurse with any questions at 505-384-2071, or by visiting the Nurse's Page

Proof of Date of Birth
Students entering the school district for the first time must submit a proof of date of birth to be used for verification by the school for placement in the students permanent record folder.  The school will accept evidence in the order set forth below that shows the student's Date of Birth:
  • ​A certified copy if a birth certificate, certified hospital birth records or birth certificate;
  • A military ID;
  • A passport; OR
  • An adoption record.
Residence Verification
Residence verification is required for students entering the school district.  Below are a list of documents that will be accept to establish residency, please provide at least one document:
  • ​A deed or mortgage payment receipt, dated within 60 days of enrollment;
  • A current property tax bill, current lease or house agreement;
  • A signed letter from Landlord with a signed receipt;
  • A current utility bill (i.e., water or electric bill), dated within 60 days of enrollment; OR
  • A current New Mexico Driver's license:
    • Must be REAL ID compliant, visit MVD NM ( for more information.​
    • NM Driver's license/ID MUST list current physical address in school boundary.
      • For out of state licenses, please provide one of the other documents listed.
Registration Help

All student enrollment forms, including the online registration system above, may or may not be inclusive.  All information is subject to change with or without notice.  No information is shared between Estancia Municipal School District and any 3rd party affiliates.

In Person Registration
Returning Students Annual Update
Letters & Forms
Click HERE to read the Annual Update Packet of Information
A paper (physical) form will be provided HERE;
however, you can submit your responses electronically by clicking HERE!
Click HERE to review the Elementary Student Handbook
Click HERE to review the Secondary Student Handbook
Signed Elementary Forms Return to:
Aimee Watts - Administrative Assistant, Upper Elementary Office
Signed Secondary Forms Return to:
Teneisha Zupko - Administrative Assistant, Middle School Office
Leonard Chavez - Administrative Assistant, High School Office
Return Packets Via Email to:
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