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Welcome to the Estancia Municipal School District

Online Registration Portal

This Portal is for NEW or PREVIOUSLY ENROLLED students.

If your student is currently enrolled as a student at EMSD, and you are registering for the upcoming school year, please click HERE.

Please Note: You can only register students for the upcoming school year when the enrollment period begins.

REGISTRATION FORM DISCLAIMER: While every attempt was made to make this form accessible amongst

all device platforms, to receive best website performances, please use a desktop or laptop-type device to complete registration.

Some form functionality made be reduced on mobile devices.


Student Registration "New" - Online

All fields denoted with * ARE REQUIRED for your registration to be complete.

Copy of bear_logo.jpg
Copy of bear_logo.jpg
Upload File
Are There Any Legal Records That We Should Have On File Regarding Custody Agreement For This Student?
Upload File
In case of emergency and unable to reach parent, you have my permission to take above listed child to listed doctor, neighbor or relative. (In order listed)
Upload File
Is Bus Transportation Required? (Please Note: Eligibility will be determined)
Upload File
Was The Student Placed In Any Special Education Service And/Or Have An IEP?
Has Your Child/Student Ever Been On A Long-Term Suspension And/Or Expelled From Another School?
Upload File
Upload File

Please Note: Both Documents (Birth Certificate AND Immunization Record) must be provided for student to begin school.  If necessary, please discuss any needs, questions, comments or concerns with the School Principal.
The current supported file format for both Birth Certificates and Immunization Record.  If you need assistance converting your .jpg or .png file to the supported .pdf file, please click HERE.

Dental Examination Verification Response
Do you need an Estancia Municipal School District Student Handbook?
Permission to Share Student' Directory Information, when Requested
Permission to Email School Documents
Permission for Google Workspace for Education
Permission for Adobe for Education
Permissions for Educational Activities. Please refer to Estancia Municipal School District - Educational Activities - Waiver and Consent letter
Permission for In-Town/Walking Field Trip Permission and Emergency Medical Release Form
Permission to Walk Home Alone

Please allow 10 to 15 seconds to allow your

registration to be sent.

Please do not click back button or refresh, a confirmation message will appear when

registration is completed.

Your Child's Registration Application Packet has been submitted. Please check your email for more information. This form will close shortly.  Thank you!


All information, including documents attached/uploaded, are security encrypted and protected by a SSL Certificate issued to  Security is enforced by R3 - Let's Encrypt, US and Wix Security.


All student enrollment forms, including the online registration system above, may or may not be inclusive.  All information is subject to change with or without notice.  No information is shared between Estancia Municipal School District and any 3rd party affiliates.

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