COVID-19 Information

Updated: Apr 29

The District will keep all Teachers, Staff, Students and Parents updated as much as possible with the current NM Public Education Department, State of New Mexico, and CDC Guidance's. Our Goal is to keep everyone safe while providing updated case data.

Please click here to view district staff and student COVID case data.

Please click here to read information from Nurse Chariti

Not sure if your child needs to quarantine? Read this to find out the PED guidance on quarantines!

Following is the Estancia Re-Entry Handbook for parents. Please click here to get the update.

A continuación se presenta el Manual de Reingreso a la Estancia para Padres. Por favor, haga clic aquí para obtener la actualización.

Read about findings from two recent CDC studies on mask wearing in schools by clicking here.

Here is the current Toolkit for New Mexico Public Schools from the Public Education Department, update September 16th.

Please click here to read Covid symptom information from the NM PED

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