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Estancia Municipal School District

Website Accessibility

At Estancia Municipal School District, we constantly seek to understand and respect the unique and individual needs or our students, staff, and community.  We commit to ensuring the accesssibility of our web content to people with disabilities.  All content on our website will conform to the WEB CONTENT ACCESSIBILITY GUIDELINES (WCAG) 2.1.

We are currently working to bring our website into compliance.  We expect Estancia Municipal School District's web content will meet WCAG compliance and conformance by December 31st, 2023.

This policy applies to all new, updated, and existing web content on our website (  We will incorporate accessibility checks and training into the publishing workflow for any and all new website content.  In addition, we will ensure third-party content providers are aware of our website accessibility policy.

Each page of the website has a specific URL link that users can reference to our Webmasters to submit feedback on the site.  We will compile and consider this information during the review process.  You may report any accessibility issues by using the posted form below.

We will review all areas of the Artesia Public Schools website quarter-annually.  We will review this policy annually to ensure current compliance.

Adobe Acrobat is a software requirement to view and print a majority of our posted documents that appear on this website.  To download this program for free, please click HERE.  To read PDF documents with a screen reader, or some mobile devices, please refer to the Adobe Website HERE, which provides useful tools and resources.

Web Accessibility Feedback Form

Thank You For Your Submission!

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